Shaun Alcodray

Realtor with the Dane Seltzer Group

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A Real Estate Agent You Can Trust


Passion and Honesty goes along way

I truly love serving people. As a former First Responder and active community volunteer. I am passionate about making you happy and your pocketbook is always the utmost importance. We will set up a property plan within your budget to find you the home of your dreams

Shaun Alcodray

Fun and Stress Free

I am a very outgoing and funny person. I love people and making them laugh because I firmly believe it resolves stress and anxiety around big decisions in life. That doesn’t mean I do not take one of the biggest transactions in your life seriously. But I believe you can be professional and fun at the same time. Nobody likes uptight suit and ties.

Free Consultation and Market Analysis

We will come out and meet you in person and provide you a free analysis of your home. We will do a full write up and provide you the most accurate market comparative analysis so you can be confident in your home selling decisions. 

We’ll Find You The Perfect Space

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Your Budget is at my heart!

I hate high pressure sales and truly have your budget at heart. I spend time with each client to determine what best fits their needs. I am teamed up senior mortgage officers to find you the best rates and plan of action!


Let me List Your Property & market your home

Schedule a free Property Evaluation and Analysis. We will provide you an easy to read comparsion of homes in the area with accurate comps